Who are we? Two twenty-something year old best friends/roommates who thought they needed a hobby. We’ve been best friends for 17 years, and while we’ve been through A LOT together, one thing has always remained the same—Gee can’t date a man to save her life. Meanwhile I somehow have always been a serial monogamous dater, and always wind up wifed up.

Now, to her defense dating in LA is like finding a needle in a haystack. You may think you found of the love of your life, but if it requires getting on the 405 to hang out, forget about it. However, thanks to technology, we literally have the ability to date men in the palm of our hands. Yet for some reason, even though majority of us spend HOURS a day on the internet & social media, we choose to attach some stigma to online dating of all things.

So, fast forward a few bottles of wine later, and Two Girls, One Dating App was born. Gee has given me the login for her Hinge account, and deleted it off her phone. I now have full control of swiping right on whomever I feel would be a good fit for her. She does not get to see a picture of them beforehand, creep on their social media, or chat with them on the app. After she goes on a first date, the ball is then in her court to continue talking or ghost, per her usual.

The goal of this experiment is to get Gee back out (as if she ever was in) into the dating world, get a few free meals out of it, and if we’re lucky, make this chick a wifey.  After-all, there’s no such thing as bad dates, just the opportunity for a good story, some better than others. So follow along with us on this journey to find Gee love, or at least a boy who will make it “Facebook Official”.