Date 7: If You’re Reading This..

DISCLAIMER: Sorry we’ve been MIA, tax season takes over Gee’s life. However, that season officially comes to an end today, so let the dating games, BEGIN!! (again). Stay tuned, we’ve got some catch up coming your way friends ❤ 

DATE 7: Little Bar + Little Action

It took me at least 20 minutes to remember where date 7 was and even then it was only bc I looked back at our text messages. Aww looking back at our texts made me remember how nice date 7 was. We went to Little Bar for a drink and he was funny and nice and made me feel comfortable (aka in the friend zone before our first drink arrived). Omg up until just now I thought I had kissed every date! But I haven’t! I didn’t kiss date 7! Bless your heart number 7.


So we had drinks and he told me about his life and he had entertaining stories and I think it was so easy bc I didn’t feel any pressure or chemistry. It was like I was with one of my guy friends I’ve known for years. I meant to follow up with him and become his friend but let’s be real I’m the fucking worst at that. If you’re reading this date 7, hit me up you were cool.


Xoxox gossip girl

8 thoughts on “Date 7: If You’re Reading This..

  1. “he was funny and nice and made me feel comfortable (aka in the friend zone before our first drink arrived).” Why does that land him in the friend zone? How should he have made you feel instead? I ask because a female friend once told me I give off a “friend zone” vibe but had trouble articulating how. Perhaps this is how and you can shed more light on this phenomenon for me…

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    1. If I may, I think that you’re chilled demeanor with women is what has you dubbed “friend zoned”. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It could mean that you’ll actually end up dating a woman worth dating, because she’s willing to take her time and be friends first.

      It gets such a bad rap, because guys like to move fast. They have only one intention most times, and we as women are used to that. It’s become the norm. So, when we are on a date with a guy who isn’t making it known that he clearly wants something out if this, he seems like a cool friend to kick it with.

      If you find yourself in the friend zone far too often, don’t be afraid to tell her what your intentions are, then you can switch up, depending on her reaction. Push a little. Tell her you want to keep seeing her, but don’t change how you are with her. Still be you. And eventually, with enough time and trust put in, you’ll eradicate that friend zone.

      Just my opinion. 😉

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      1. I don’t actually get friend zoned, though, because they don’t want to see me again in any capacity. But apparently that’s the vibe I give off. I do have a pretty chill demeanor.

        The thing is, I kinda thought you were supposed to be funny and nice and make your date feel comfortable. Yet look what happened in this instance. So what’s the flip side of that coin? What would have ended in a different result for this guy? That’s what I’m curious about.

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      2. Ahhh. I see. I think you’re just dating the wrong girls. If they don’t get you, they’re not worth your time.

        I’m not like typical women, so I can’t speak for all of us. But I appreciate a date that’s funny and comfortable to be around. The opposite is a guy who takes charge. He makes it clear that he isn’t intending to be zoned. So he’s charming and witty, but assertive. He isn’t too chilled. So the woman feels comfortable and safe yet she knows he’s got the lead. A man like that is someone a woman can rely on, and sees a future with him.

        Maybe you lack assertion. But really, I think you should be you. Don’t always go for the same type of woman. You seem to have a recurring problem, but I think it’s because you haven’t expanded your horizons enough. Date the laid back woman. Or the hipster type. Maybe look for the starving painter or musician. I don’t know, lol. Just something different.

        There is no “supposed to be” anything. There really isn’t a rule because everyone is different. You just gotta find what works for you. Ya know?

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      3. Hahahah. I have no idea how to explain hipster. Lol. Ummmm, hipster is usually a young person who dislikes trendy and popular things for the sake of it being trendy. They’re usually millennials who drink Starbucks and has a very particular sense of fashion (think edgy chic). Dear Lord, I just realized I have no idea how to explain this to a guy. Haha. This is just a generalization and maybe a little stereotypical. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

        Look it up. Hopefully Google can be a but more specific. But honestly, a hippie person might be your type. Laid back. Enjoys personal freedom. Has an affinity for love of any kind. Lol.

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