The Gee-Spot

As if our entertaining stories and ridiculous style of writing wasn’t already the biggest blessing in your life, the Alex’s are about to give you the ultimate key to life success. Welcome to The Gee-Spot, where we will be breaking down the lessons we’ve learned from each date, providing you all the essential info you need to go from hoe to housewife! We will both be documenting what we’ve taken from each date as the matchmaker, and as the bachelorette. For easy access, we’ve created a new tab on top, check it out! You’re welcome. But, you bitches better blow up our inbox with your success stories and tell us how we made all your wildest dreams come true!


With the help of our bestie, Chardonnay, we’ve reflected on our experience so far and broken down the lessons we’ve both learned so far. I mean, I’m no critic, but you guys, this shit is GOLD! Go click on the new Gee Spot tab at the top of the page, and take notes! Don’t be shy, comment your thoughts, or tell us a lesson you’ve learned through your experiences. We’ll discuss them in our first Gee-Spot Vlog, which is coming soon!

8 thoughts on “The Gee-Spot

  1. Interesting. I’ve had my share of toads and better people when I communicated with people online in other formats. You are right when you say that sometimes people online are very different than who they actually are in person!


  2. I’m married, but I remember those days – well. Sometimes I wish it weren’t the case. Once, I met someone who brought a postcard of the ocean and a candle to our dinner date. He set the card up against our glasses and lit the candle then said he was taking me to the beach. Cute if you’re 15, but not if you’re in your late 20s. *barf*

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