Date 4: The Nice Guy

Date #4: Dinner & An Escape Room

Ahhh Date 4. To be honest, I had to ask Vig before I wrote this what his name was because at this point I had completely forgotten. And even after asking her last night, I forgot again. Oh well, sorry number 4. He’s a software engineer for NASA and probably takes his dog to the park every Sunday and will be an amazing husband to some girl some day. (so naturally I had no attraction to him)

We made plans for a Sunday, and the second he texted me his idea I knew it was never going to work. He suggested a late morning hike with him and his great dane. Making plans before 5 on a weekend, big dogs who slobber, and nature with nothing to distract us from each other….all my favorite things!!! Needless to say, I suggested a “Halloween activity” as an alternate. I like the idea of doing something other than meeting for drinks on a first date but all of the above was just too much for me. The revised plan was dinner and an escape room. I had a slight panic attack when Sunday came at the idea of spending so much time with him on the first date. All the dates up until now have just been drinks, which is way more in my element and what I’m comfortable with. Dinner AND an activity is a lot. He suggested an organic restaurant and I politely requested one that serves alcohol…

After dinner we drove to the Escape Room in Hollywood where we were the only 2 in our time slot so we had to go at it alone. It was my first escape room, and I’m a smart girl so I had high hopes for myself on carrying our team. I came nowhere close. 4 was really nice about it though, he kept encouraging me. I could literally state the obvious and he’d cheer for me and act like I contributed something to the team, what a nice guy. (though PS we’re on number 6 as I write this and he’s the only guy who didn’t text me after the date, so maybe he’s not that nice. Or he just thinks I’m a drunk idiot….?) But anyways we made it out of the escape room in time, and he gave me a high five and a hug as a congratulations. Bless his little heart. He drove me home and we said our goodbyes. The lesson I learned from this date (well I’ve learned this before but reinforced on this date) is that you just can’t fake a spark. I wanted there to be one. He was a nice guy who works for NASA! But it just wasn’t there. Why don’t the nice guys ever give me a spark???

According to He’s Just Not That Into You, “guys invented the spark so that they could not call, and treat you kind of bad, and keep you guessing, and they convince you that that anxiety and that fear that they’re throwing at you is actually, just a spark.”

If a guy doesn’t give me those anxious butterflies wondering if he likes me, or if he’s going to call me, if he’s going to kiss me, if his girlfriend is going to find out, if this will turn into anything, then what’s the point? I get bored. The problem is that guys like #4 don’t fuck with you like that. So there’s no spark.  I’ve gotta believe that some nice guy exists who can give me the good kind of excitement right? According to my mom, I’ll grow out of this and will some day be attracted to the nice guy like she was. Hmmm, we’ll see. Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Date 4: The Nice Guy

  1. You guys are absolutely hilarious, and maybe a bit insane, but I love it!!! Good luck Gee! May the odds be ever in your favor. Lol.

    With the men out here, you’re definitely gonna need luck, and yes, plenty of tequila.

    Bottoms up!!!


  2. Well c’mon we are not that bad. Ill tell you what. Thursday one of my articles on first dates will post. Make sure to check it out and make sure the guys asking you out on dates dont settlenfor the cliches. Followed!


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