Date 2: Pics Can Be Deceiving

Date #2: Drinks in Santa Monica

We agreed to get drinks in Santa Monica, but hadn’t chosen a place so to start we met for drinks at Enterprise Fish Co an decided to go from there. I showed up and my first thought was “I can’t believe that bitch thought I’d be into him”, but after I updated Vig, we realized that his pics were just about 10 years old. Ugh honestly even writing this post is painful thinking back to how fucking annoying/uncomfortable this date was.  Okay I’m totally being extra right now, he was not THAT bad.

At the first place we each got a drink and I could already tell he was about to take this shit SERIOUS. He seemed like he was just a serious person. AKA boring. And old. He started asking all the official first date questions…”what are you looking for?, why did your last relationship end?, what qualities are you looking for in someone?, blah blah blah..” I feel like I have no answer to those things because I don’t KNOW what I’m looking for, it changes day to day on if I want a relationship or just want to keep having fun. Hmm. Anyways, he grilled me and I choked out some responses and didn’t reciprocate the questions, so I figured by now he could tell that I wasn’t into it. Right? Wrong.

He took me to a second bar, and I should have stopped him right there before it went any further. I should have said “hey you seem like a great guy but I’m just not feeling it, I think I’m gunna head home.” But no, I can’t handle confrontation.  He asked me how tall I am (okay kinda weird but whatever),  I responded 5’4″ he asked me to stand up. Like okay, do you not believe me? And, I’m in heels so what is the point? Turns out this was his move. Once he had me standing in front of him, he asked for a hug….in the middle of the bar…..and then KISSED ME.  Naturally I didn’t know how to respond so I just gave an awkward giggle and said I had to go to the bathroom. Once I made it to safety, I sat in a stall and tried to give myself a pep talk to get back out there.

Without Vig creeping on this date, I felt all alone and decided to make some friends in the bathroom. I found two girls around my age and explained the whole story to them, right up to the weird hug-kiss in the middle of the bar (cringe). They came to my rescue!! One of them, let’s call her Heather, crafted up a plan to get me out of it. she was going to come up to our table and act like she hadn’t seen me since we went to college together in Michigan, then we’d be so overjoyed at seeing each other that I would HAVE to leave #2 and join them. Relieved that I was about to be free, I returned to my table to finish my drink. Then I saw Heather walking back to her table and it ended up being RIGHT NEXT TO OURS. So there goes our plan. From the table over I could see Heather filling in the table of girls on my situation and I could NOT keep a straight face. To the point where he asked me if I knew them. I panicked and said “idk I think so, they look familiar but I can’t place where from.” LOL. Whatever.

I lasted through the rest of the drink then told him I had to work early the next day and was heading home. On our way out, I waved goodbye to Heather and her friends and completely blew my cover of “maybe I know them.” Honestly I couldn’t have cared less at this point, I was almost out and never going to see this guy again. Outside the bar, he kissed me (again!) and idk why I let him. I just kinda felt bad for the guy at this point. Then the beautiful glowing purple LYFT light pulled up and I escaped date number 2.

One more down! Takeaway from this date: Pics can be deceiving. If you’re reading this, and you have pics over 2 years old, go delete that shit and be real. You just look like an idiot when I show up and you look nothing like your pic. Needless to say, I ghosted his follow-up text. ON TO THE NEXT ONE.  

5 thoughts on “Date 2: Pics Can Be Deceiving

  1. Hahahahahaha! I love the way you write, you’re so funny 😀
    I dont think I’d ever have the balls you do to just go for it on a dating app…
    But thank god you found those girls who saved you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the idea of having your friends lurking nearby on your date. And I’ll admit that too often I’ll delve into the boring, official first date questions too. Curious – what do you like to talk about on first dates? What were some of your best first date conversations about?


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